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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Syndie matter? (up)

What do forum/blogging tools have to do with providing strong anonymity?

The answer: *everything*.

To briefly summarize:

Alternately, you can review some of Syndie's use cases.

Who will host Syndie archives? (up)

(irc log edited for clarity)

What license is Syndie released under? (up)

Short answer: its probably simplest to consider Syndie to be released under a BSD-like license.

Medium answer: nearly all of the code is released into the public domain, with some files under MIT or BSD licenses. Syndie is also linked against a library released under the GPL with the linking exception (which means Syndie does not have to be GPLed)

Long answer: read the LICENSE file in the package.

What is the relationship between Syndie and $x? (up)

The relationship between Syndie and other efforts have been moved to their own page.